An Aussie Affair

Now that I’m in school, I don’t have any time to do much. But after talking to another friend of mine – who is also a writer – I remembered how therapeutic it is to write! I told him that I had wanted to write a novel (that it’s on my bucket list), and he told me to write for 10 minutes a day (at least) and then before I knew it, it would be done! He’s write, so I started a notebook that I carry around with me everywhere and in it, I’m writing personal experiences here and there (in novel form) that I will eventually translate into a book. Here’s a start. :) 


“You will find someone, it will just take time,” he said. What were the chances, that another human being’s body would melt into hers the way his did? Slim to none. She didn’t believe him.

Until now. Jillian closed her eyes and soaked in the warmth that was Andrew’s body. In that moment, the world as she knew it, ceased to exist. So this, she thought, this is what I’ve been missing. “This is so comfortable,” Andrew whispered into her ear with his sexy Aussie accent. “It is,” she whispered back.

Cuddling with Andrew was truly indescribable. It was as if they were two pieces in a two piece puzzle. The fit was perfect and the picture, as a whole, painted the scene of happiness and joy. It was the perfect union – they were one, lost in each other’s world and neither of them would have it any other way. At least she knew she wouldn’t.

Then, like the morning sun rising beautifully above the world, so to did an epiphany in her mind. He did not notice the small smile drawing on her lips. Kai was right, it would take time. Andrew was a sign from God. Indeed, Kai was not “the one.” God was telling her that something as blissful as what she was experiencing with this amazing stranger would come along again. Except this time, it would come back tenfold.

Jillian hugged Andrew a little tighter and he pulled her as close as he possibly could then began stroking his fingers through her hair. Pulling her face away from his bare chest, they looked into the other’s eyes and smiled. He planted a series of soft, untainted, intimate kisses on her lips and she reciprocated. Jillian could only imagine what was in store for her in the future. She knew, this was a glimpse from God. The glimmer of hope and healing that had eluded her for so long.

“You are so gorgeous,” Andrew said wearing a big smile. Blushing, Jillian buried her head in his chest. They fell asleep then, holding each other like they might never see each other again.