Dearest Apple: A Rant.

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything (and trust me, I’ve been meaning to…), but I’ve been so busy with all kinds of stuff that it’s so hard to find the time! I promise, when things calm down, or more like when I get more used to the routine of my new life, I’ll sit down and fill you all in on what’s been going on. :) PROMISE!

For now though, my dislike for what Apple’s been doing to their products is absolutely driving me batty! Until now, I’ve kept it all in. And well, you know how that goes!  The ticking time bomb that has been waiting to go off, has officially gone off!

First things first APPLE what the [INSERT EXPLETIVE] have you done to your product?! SERIOUSLY.

  • MAPS
    Let’s just start with the Maps, shall we? Although I know this change came from forever ago, and I’m glad that Apple allowed Google Maps into the App Store, seriously, what were you thinking? What in your right minds would ever, EVER, lead you to believe that your map software knows MORE than Google?! GOOGLE for God’s sake……. Why does this still irritate me? Because when a friend text messages me an address, I can’t just click on it to open it in the native map app for fear of getting lost! Instead, I have to copy and paste it from text/iMessage into Google Maps. LAME!
    Okay, I get the whole mini circle photo ID that shows up in your favorites list or in group messages, but on a call, REALLY? PUKE. It’s so hideous and useless, you might as well just remove it all together. Why can’t my fiancé’s entire face show up when he calls me instead of some dinky small circle? What’s the point of this?!
    Give me the [INSERT EXPLETIVE] liberty to scale my photo to whatever I want to scale it to, big, small, full screen, half screen, quarter screen… What the heck Apple! Why does it have to be EXTRA zoomed in (especially on the iPad) to the point where I can’t even tell what it is on my background? For God’s sake, I want the medium shot of a person, not their armpit that looks like a vagina, or their neck that looks like the stump of a tree, or their one eye and eyebrow. GET WITH IT.
    Ummmm…. If I wanted half of my background photo to be dark, I would’ve edited it myself to look that way. OBVIOUSLY if I chose a background that washes out vital information, like time, and battery percentage, and how much signal I have, I MEANT FOR IT TO BE THAT WAY. This darkening of half the photo, vignette effect you got going on on the home screen SUCKS SO BADLY… just like the new product you’re putting out.
    Soooo… How are you making the send button that used to be yay wide ————- a circle that’s yay wide —-? I mean yeah sure, my fat fingers hit the target every freakin’ time now that you’ve changed it into yet another dinky circle.

I am seriously so disappointed with the Apple software they’re putting out nowadays. Way back when, I used to defend the brand with pride, and now, I can’t even counter what people say about the Apple phone being shitty. HEADBANG. I am literally shaking my head Apple. PLEASE get your acts together, because before you know it, your loyal Apple customers will no longer loyal!


A very pissed off customer.

Wedding Wednesday: DIY!

Now that DIY is such a big part of every girl’s life, let me tell you, DIYing will or should become an even bigger part when you’re engaged! Why? Because it’ll save you the LOADS of money. Promise!

If you’re a follower of my other Wedding Wednesday posts, you’d know that Kai and I are paying for our wedding ourselves. Therefore, I’m constantly finding ways to save money. (i.e., scrounging up items I have, sticking pennies into a piggy bank, coupons galore, etc.) And of course, saving money comes hand in hand with doing things yourself!

One way brides have cut wedding costs is when it comes to their bouquets. A lot of brides will order the flowers for themselves and then have their bridal party/family put the bouquets together prior to the wedding. I actually did this for both my best friend and my sister’s wedding. And while I’m very happy to do that, I’d rather NOT. For my sister’s wedding, we were highly stressed and literally worked on the bouquets the entire day before the wedding. Not fun!

Jenn's Bouquet

My Sister’s Bouquet // PC: Raini Kirra Photography

When receiving pricing quotes and rates from florists on Kaua‘i, I asked for the price of a toss bouquet and they priced it  at $40! IS THAT NUTS OR WHAT?! Maybe not for those of you who don’t have a limit, but for me… $40 is tons for a bouquet. Especially considering I have eight bridesmaids PLUS reception decor, etc.

While trolling Pinterest (like I always do), I came upon these crazy, ridiculous, adorable, gigantic, crepe paper flowers that a bride DIYed for her wedding! I fell in love INSTANTLY! And knew that’s what I wanted to do for my wedding. Although I haven’t tallied the final cost of our bouquets (since I’ve yet to get all of the supplies), I can tell you that the cost for our eight paper flowers will be 1/3rd of the cost of getting bouquets made through a florist!

DIY Bouquet Paper Flower Bouquet

DIY Bouquet Paper Flower Bouquet


While this is the biggest DIY project I will be undertaking, let me tell you, there are definitely a lot more in store for me. :) Another super time consuming one, but one that’s easy to do mindlessly and while watching TV is creating kraft paper confetti for wedding decor.

If you’re familiar with my previous Wedding Wednesday post about my DIY Will You Be My Bridesmaids Cards (click here to read), then you’ll see the kraft paper confetti I make mention of. I already had the kraft paper from Christmas ($7 at WalMart) and I bought the hole puncher for $6. Essentially, I’ll be able to make an unlimited supply of kraft paper confetti for cheap! :)

After all that’s said I think my Wedding Wednesday advice is pretty clear. :) DIY to save money brides!

Wedding Wednesday: Bride Buddies

Back in December, one of my really good friends sent me a SnapChat of her engagement ring. I wasn’t sure if I’d seen the Snap correctly or not, since it only lasted for all of three seconds… I immediately texted her and asked if what I was seeing was real life or not? She of course replied YES! WE’RE ENGAGED. And I was flushed with a bunch of happy emotions, like joy, excitement, and thrill. But then of course, I was also hit with a small tinge of envy, as I was waiting for the same thing she was! When my engagement came a few months later, I texted my friend the news and she was just as joyous as I was when I received her news. I can’t remember her exact reply now, but it was something to the effect of I’m so happy we get to experience our wedding planning together. I had never thought about it that way, but when I did, she was right. It was quite an amazing feeling.

When I dove into the wedding planning, it was fun at first… Then, slowly but surely, I began to feel overwhelmed, highly stressed, and frustrated… Often, I found myself texting my sister (who just got married last August), and my friend who’d just gotten engaged. Let me just tell you, being able to talk to someone who knew exactly what I was going through was such a relief. It was honestly, like a slice of heaven and most definitely, a breath of fresh air.

LEFT: The ring pop proposal Kim, my bride buddy, sent me in the mail. :) // RIGHT: The Will You Be My Bridesmaid Card I sent to Kim in the mail. :)

So my Wedding Wednesday tip would be to… FIND A BRIDE BUDDY! Whether it be a once-was-bride, or a fellow bride-to-be, buddy up, SERIOUSLY!

The difference in what I’ve seen between the advice I get from my friends who are or have planned a wedding versus those who have not is this: solid, sound advice. What do I mean by that? The best way that I can put it is in this light… Getting advice from friends who have never planned is like getting advice from people who aren’t experts or even amateurs. (I’m really sorry if that’s offensive, I don’t mean it to be!) This is just in my experience, but I find that the opinions they throw out there are more reflections of what they want, as opposed to what you would like. Whereas, the advice I’ve received from my “bride buddies” are tailored 100% to me. :)

Having said that…. This Wedding Wednesday tip would be to… FIND A BRIDE BUDDY! Whether it be a once-was-bride, or a fellow bride-to-be, buddy up, SERIOUSLY!

Wedding Wednesday: Shopping Online

I have to admit, I’m not the greatest bargain shopper! In fact, I kind of suck at bargain shopping! Whilst shopping, a lot of individuals have a filter that say, “No, don’t buy it. It’s too expensive and not worth it.” My filter, on the other hand, says, “You like it so much, you better buy it before it’s gone.” And well, that obviously does not make for a good money saving technique. Eek!

While planning and saving for my wedding hasn’t fully shifted my money spending habits, it’s definitely helped me to be more frugal (especially since I’ve got eight bridesmaids to think about)! With that said, this Wedding Wednesday post are about my two favorite and go-to places for my online wedding shopping, ETSY & EBAY, and some other tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way.


ETSY // Ahh yes. :) I think every girl and their moms know what is! If you look in my wedding binder, you’ll find receipts and invoices galore from dear old Etsy! The hugest pro to this site, in my opinion, is that they have very cute, unique, and one-of-a-kind items. When it comes to price, I find that it ranges, from dirt cheap to pretty darn expensive! BUT, my favorite thing? Because Etsy’s not some huge, corporate big wig and you’re dealing with actual individual “store” owners, it’s easier to work out a deal, or customize your items further.

While I haven’t ordered or worked out a deal that I’ve actually followed through on, I’ve messaged, or in Etsy lingo, started a conversation with a bunch of dress makers in regards to my bridesmaids dresses. And each and every one of them were happy to give me a discount of some sort! Whether it be $10 off per dress OR 10% off my entire order, I’m still saving. And that’s the beauty of it. :) Now instead of $100, I pay $90 and save $10 to buy something else. :)

EBAY // Similar to Etsy, eBay is great  for bargaining AND finding items that are hard to find elsewhere! The eBay community is so large, someone’s bound to offer what you’re looking for. Last week, for example, I found this crazy, adorable photo on Pinterest. The bride and her bridesmaids had gigantic paper roses as their bouquets. I fell instantly in love. I found a blog on how to make the flowers myself and thus, went off in search for the needed materials. I think I literally searched every nook and cranny of the world wide web and for the most part, proved fruitless. :( And then, low and behold, I found ONE person who offered teal crepe paper sheets on Etsy! I lucked out, as each set offered 6 sheets of crepe paper (I needed four). Each set was $10.75 and the shipping was $1.75… So $12.50 total, for one rose. After doing the math, I was a little hesitant to order more sets for my bridesmaids, as the total would’ve run me close to $100. So I messaged the seller and asked if she would give me a discount, since I’d be ordering so many sets. She said she’d happily give me $1 off each set. Then, I came to the realization that I actually only needed to order 4 sets of sheets, since my bridesmaid’s bouquets would be smaller than mine. I asked if she would still offer me the discount although I would only be ordering 4 sets and she did! I saved $4, but with that $4, I was able to buy two rolls of washi tape for my guest books!

SHOPPING.GOOGLE.COM // When I’m having difficulty finding items that I need (it just dawned on me that I must be really picky, because I’m always having trouble looking for items!), I turn to Why? Because it’s a metasearch engine, that pulls from a million websites and shows you the results in one place. The other day, for example, I was looking for aqua footwear (for myself of course). And none of the sites I was looking at were really giving me results. FRUSTRATING! Finally, I jumped onto Google and aqua shoes galore! I found a few prospectives, pinned them, and went on my merry way! I promise, this site will save you from a huge headache! A couple more awesome things about browsing through this engine? It allows you to find similar items to what you’re looking for and it allows you to compare prices for same items.

RETAIL ME NOT // Coupons ARE YOUR BEST FRIEND. While it’s hard to find coupons for sites such as Etsy and eBay, more often than not, you’re bound to find coupons for other stores. While I was searching for my wedding fonts, I found one that I really liked on While they were pretty inexpensive, I still wanted to see if I could save a buck and sure enough, I could. I ended up saving 10% off my entire order. Which equated to two bucks and change, but as I mentioned before, that two bucks could’ve boughten me more washi tape or even a sample of a wedding sash. I even found a coupon for 20% off on which would’ve worked out perfectly, if I had decided to buy a pair of aqua shoes. :) has literally, the loads, of coupons (both for in-store and online)! There are often restrictions, like $10 off a purchase of $50 or more, but HEY. A coupon is a coupon, and a penny saved is a penny earned. ;)


Wedding Wednesdays: Pinterest!

If women were only able to associate the beloved social media site Pinterest, with one word, I can bet that at least 90% of them would say: weddings. It is seriously, every bride’s one stop shop for all things wedding! You can dress shop, you can find ideas for invitations (and even invitations themselves). 

While finding inspiration for your wedding is virtually limitless on Pinterest, I’ve found, now that I’m actually planning an amazing way to utilize Pinterest! So, I just thought I’d share. :) 


Now that Pinterest has created SECRET BOARDS, it makes planning for your wedding 1000x more effective. :) Here’s how I use my secret boards to my advantage.

    Naturally, your wedding dress is something you don’t want anyone to see pre-wedding. (My sister, for example, didn’t even want my mom to see it!) But saving photos of potential wedding dresses is kind of no use either, since you won’t know where you got it from, etc. SO, with the use of a secret board, you can easily pin your dream dress without having to ruin the surprise! For me, I pin the dress I want (all views, front, back, side) and in the description space I write: 
    Dress Description/Style | Where The Dress is From | Dress Price (And Original Price if on sale)
    This way, when I want to go back to this dress, I can easily view all views and the price as where it was from originally. 

    Just like your wedding dress board, the rest of your wedding is somewhat of a secret to all of your guests… I like to think of it as the “awww” effect. When people show up to my wedding reception, I want them to “oohhh and aww.” And that won’t happen if they’ve already seen it all on my Pinterest! 
    I keep everything as separated as possible. Instead of having my entire bridal ensemble (dress + shoes) on one board, I have them in separate boards so that I can compare them all at one time, versus having to look at wedding dresses and stationary and floral designs and make up, etc. 
    Instead of bookmarking things in my browser, I bookmark them on Pinterest. For example, I found two different suppliers of burlap table runners… One on Etsy and one on Koyal Wholesale. Browser bookmarks are not visual at all! They’re simply a list and that gets hard to sift through. But with Pinterest, all you have to do is look for the image you’ve associated with the site and voila! You’re back to where you once were. And just like my wedding dress + shoes, I like to write in the description the price (and shipping prices) so that I can compare them easily.

Not sure if this will help anyone, but I know it helped me a whole load! :) Pinterest went from overwhelming to useful and helpful in a heartbeat!


That’s what you get when you propose to the girl who’s been planning her wedding her entire life

Engagement RingSorry WordPress World! For boring you with all of my wedding crap, but uhhh… That’s what my world is nowadays! LOL. I don’t know if there’s any chick fiancé out there quite like me (but I’m sure there is), that’s pretty much gone nuts since they’ve gotten engaged!

Literally, since he asked me, to this very moment in time (which happens to be 11:04PM on a Thursday night),  I’ve done nothing but work and plan my wedding. Is that craziness or is that craziness? Uhh yeah, it’s insane!!!! =| Kai keeps telling me that I’m crazy, because I plan so much and I’m always doing wedding stuff, and I always tell him, “Well, that’s what you get when you propose to the girl who’s been planning her wedding her entire life.” Haha!

Speaking of… It’s kind of funny. ‘Cause as “that girl,” you go through life with this notion of what you want… And you always say, “I want this, I want that, this is how it’s going to be, this is what I am going to wear,” but then, low and behold, you start planning and it’s never what you wanted.

When A Cinderalla Story starring Hilary Duff came out, I remember thinking, “Her dress, is the dress I’m going to wear when I get married.” (It was that poofy, ball gown looking thing.) And for the longest time, I truly believed that that’s the kind of dress I would be caught dead wearing… But now that I’m actually in the midst of the search for my wedding gown, that type of dress is well, just not me. And the dress that I have found and (yay! lucky me) get to tailor to look exactly like I want it… When I show a select few what it will sort of look like, they say, “Oh my God, that’s totally you.” 

Anywho, I don’t quite know what the point of this blog is… Probably just a ramble since I’m still so excited! :) So I guess I’ll step to it and get some rest for work tomorrow!

PS: Introducing, my beautiful ENGAGEMENT ring. :)